An Un-Educated Comment

I received a comment on one of my blog posts a while ago, I’ve been planning on writing this post for some time but have only just got around to it. The comment I received below was on the post ‘Link building techniques you shouldn’t be doing‘:

Wait.. #4 is confusing?

Should I buy links or should I not buy links?


How did you get the ‘SEO Blog’ link on


Google is smarter than you think!

If “I” found this link then “THEY” can too!

Google really doesn’t care about paid links as much as they say they do… obviously!


Below is what I wrote about ‘Buying links’ (number 4 on the list):

Ok surely everyone knows you shouldn’t be buying links right? Well you shouldn’t be, and if you are then you face the risk of being penalised by Google.

However this is the safest out of all these options, the chances of actually getting caught buying links is very slim, unless you go the wrong way about it, never buy a link on a site that advertises they are selling links, you can find potential links in forums though! If you really want to buy links that is how I would do it, it’s by far the safest way.


The commenter doesn’t seem to understand what I mean, whether I condone buying links or not I thought I made it quite clear here:

Well you shouldn’t be, and if you are then you face the risk of being penalised by Google.


However I did go on to say that it is the safest ‘black hat’ option because if done properly the chances of getting caught are slim, I guess this could have confused some people. What I meant by it was, if people are planning on buying links, then just do it properly, but I do not recommend it.

Anyway anyone who read the post properly would have understood that. The thing that really made me laugh about the comment was the part when they suggested I was buying links, because I had a link on the Sem Antic SEO blog. They thought they were really clever because they spotted a link! Well done!

But they could have saved themselves a lot of time; instead of going through my link profile they could have just looked at my blog roll to the right, I clearly have a link to Sem Antic. Which would suggest it was a Reciprocal link rather then a brought link.

In the post I said I do not recommend reciprocal linking UNLESS you are approached and it is on a relevant site (which this link is), more for traffic then the weight of the link. The motto of this story is… Research your theory before commenting.