Limit the Number of Revisions on a WordPress Post to Avoid Bloating the Database

By default WordPress doesn’t limit the number of revisions a post can have, this means if you have a post that you regularly update it can become a database hog. The below snippet limits the amount of revisions to 10, you can change the number ‘10’ to anything you like (place in functions.php file):


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Show Hidden Admin Settings

By default WordPress automatically hides some settings from the WordPress admin, with this cool piece of code you can unlock every setting WordPress has (place in functions.php file):


get more like on facebook

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

A Facebook page with no likes, is a Facebook page not worth having. Fortunately once you have built a decent amount of initial page likes, more will follow organically. But how do you go about building likes to a new page, follow my top tips for building page likes and you’ll be on your way […]

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iwriter review

iWriter Review

iWriter is a website that allows freelance writers to make money, and webmasters to get content written. Because of this my review is going to be split into two sections. Section one is from the perspective of webmasters and section two from the perspective of freelance writers. This iWriter review is totally impartial – I […]

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