Category: SEO

The Google Dance

In 2010 when Google released the Caffeine update people thought that the Google Dance was no more. However they were wrong the Google Dance still very much exists. How do you know if you have been hit by the Google Dance? If your website is constantly bouncing from page one to page 5+ and then […]

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Does black hat SEO work?

Personally I deal mainly in white hat SEO tactics but recently I was outranked by a site which was clearly black hat, I searched his links and a majority of them were spammy blog comments, the on page SEO was also pretty poor with a clear case of keyword stuffing. However his tactics worked he […]

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Hyphens (dashes) in domain names and SEO

There has always been confusion in the SEO industry surrounding hyphens/dashes in domain names, and how/if they effect search rankings. And what about underscores in domain names, how does Google handle these? Google sees hyphens as ‘spaces’ so if you were to have the domain Google will read this as ‘love dashes’ – […]

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