Chrome Extensions For SEOs

Broswer extensions are not an essential piece of kit like having a PC or an internet connection, but they do make things a whole lot easier! Below are my 6 favorite Google Chrome extensions for SEO:

Page Rank Status

This is one of the best SEO extensions avaliable, it not only shows you the page rank of a site, but a whole host of other things as well including:

  • Alexa rank
  • Compete rank
  • Server IP
  • Server country
  • Wether the site has robots.txt and an XML sitemap
  • Social like/follower count including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Amount of indexed pages in all the major search engines
  • Backlink count

Much more…

As well as all of this, it also gives you some great information on the page itself including:

  • Title
  • Meta tag data including keywords and descriptions
  • Internal and external links
  • H1 and H2 tags
  • Lists words in bold and italic tags
  • Lists alt text of images

You really cannot beat this extension, I haven’t noticed it slowing my browsing experience either.

Checker Plus For Gmail

This, I think is much better then the Gmail extension by Google, it allows multiple accounts to be signed in. It also displays a notification in the bottom right hand corner of the screen showing the first few lines from the email when you get one. You have the ability to mark the email as read right from the notification, with this extension you will never need to go to the Gmail website again!

Edit This Cookie

This has proved very useful, especially with the new EU cookie law and checking analytics and other tracking cookies are being placed correctly. It allows you to see what cookies are being placed as well as giving you the option to edit and delete them.

Screen Capture

I remember a few years ago when I had to use ‘print screen’ and paste it into Microsoft paint if I wanted to capture an area of my screen. This extension allows you to do it all from the browser, capturing just the areas you want, as well as an option to capture the whole page.

Google Analytics Debugger

Extremely useful if you are an Analytics fan and are always setting up conversion tracking, ecommerce tracking events and goals. It will print lots of information to your JavaScript console, within Google chrome. It will show warnings if something is not setup correctly and it will also show you a breakdown of each tracking beacon sent to GA.

Strike Out Nofollow Links

This is more of a bonus extension rather than an ‘You must get this’ one. I personally find it very useful at times, but I don’t tend to use it too much, only when on the prowl for some good links. Un-like some of the other no follow extensions this isn’t bloated and doesn’t break, it’s simple and works very well.