Facebook Page Tips For Small Businesses

Facebook can potentially be a great source of traffic for any website, it’s perfect for keeping connected with your followers, it’s great for customer support and is a very effective tool to gain extra conversions/sales – so much is possible with a well run Facebook page; however a poorly run Facebook page and potentially hurt your business and/or just not get any attention.

Every business can benefit from a Facebook page, especially with Google and other search engines now taking social signals into consideration when ranking a website within its search result pages – it’s never been so important to have a social pressence. Whether you run a small fruit and veg store or a resturant keep the following tips in mind when posting on your wall:

A Facebook page is not a sales page

People do not want to login to Facebook and have their feed cluttered with people selling their services, obviously there is no harm doing a promotional post when you have something new, or a limited time special offer – but don’t post everyday saying ‘check out our shop’. Try to keep promotional posts to only a couple per week, if they have liked your page, they know who and where you are, you don’t need to keep telling them.

Posting once per day/week/month is not enough

There are vaious guides online, some saying try not to post more than once per week/day – don’t listen to these. If you posted a status in the morning and you only posted once per day, anyone who was at work and didn’t look at Facebook in the morning wouldn’t have seen your post.

Ideally you would post around three times per day, Morning – Afternoon – Evening, this way you have a much better chance of reaching all of your followers. Don’t worry about it being too much, as long as your posts are good quality, no one will care if they see 10 posts per day from you.

High quality doesn’t mean writing a 100 word post

When browsing Facebook, people don’t want to read really long posts – in fact they want to skim over their feed until they find something that interests them, and unless your post has a lot of likes they won’t be interested in reading your long post – which means they won’t share it.

Create sharable content

Shareable content doesn’t have to be funny, touching, violent, news – it just has to be something people like to look at. It’s also good to ask a question as well as sharing whatever it is you’re going to share, for example the image below was shared 71,623 times, liked by 1,531,136 people and had 118,668 comments – as you can see it’s nothing funny.


People love questions and polls

People like to voice their opinion, so let them! The questions don’t even need to relate to your business, Wonga the payday loan company do this pretty well, I don’t need a payday loan but I follow their page anyway because it’s fun – and just say one day I was really broke and needed a loan, they are the ones I would go with.

Run competitions to increase page likes

Page likes are the bread and butter of your Facebook page, without them no one would see your posts. Assuming you have a personal Facebook account, and a few friends that are willing to share your page and status create a competition! This can be anything for example ‘when this page gets 100 likes, one random person will win a free bag of veg’. Check out our how to get more Facebook page likes post for more tips on increasing your likes.

Images, people love them

People love images, they are the most shared thing on Facebook (obviously), so make sure you upload some regularly – they can be of anything, a cute cat to a photogenic horse. It’s always best to have unique images i.e. take them yourself; thought this isn’t always possible.

Don’t be scared to share

Share other pages statuses, especially if they are funny or interesting, or if they are running a competition (to increase their likes), help them out and I’m sure they would help you too (as long as they are not your competition!).

Spend some money

Facebook advertising is the most targeted advertising you could ever buy, you can target people by their age, location, what pages they’ve like, if their married, in a relationship or single, things their interested in and much more.

Test it out with a small budget, $50 would be ideal – see how it goes and keep spending if it works for you!

Don’t be too corporate

Facebook is fun, try to keep it that way and don’t bore everyone with your posts – even boring companies can write something fun to gain attention!