How To Increase Your Websites Pagerank

OK so you want to increase your websites Pagerank for whatever reason.

Before I start you should know its not Pagerank that improves a websites SERPS rankings, infact I have PR0 websites ranking on the first page while my PR2 sites are ranking on the 3rd.

The main reason I ever want to build Pagerank is when I am selling or flipping a website as this will increase the websites value. I also try to increase the PR of a site when I want to sell links on a website.

OK so here is how I increase a websites PR:

I find blogs that have some PR in the articles generally these are the older articles since they have had more time to mature and build links.

This trick doesn’t work with every blog, and its not the same old comment spam your probably all to familiar with.

The trick to it is to write helpful comments or even just comments that make sense, your not aiming to get a link in the comment message its self but in your name to the left of the comment:

Usually these are followed, to check you can use the trick from my other blog show no followed links in firefox.

The main part of this PR trick is making sure your comment stays or gets approved, it has to be on topic and if possible you need to help out or point out a problem.

Remember this is just a way to get PR it wont help you rank for any of your keywords other then your name!

Also don’t try and change your name to something stupid like “red widgets” just so you get an anchored buckling, it will get deleted or wont get approved at all.