iwriter review

iWriter Review

iWriter is a website that allows freelance writers to make money, and webmasters to get content written. Because of this my review is going to be split into two sections. Section one is from the perspective of webmasters and section two from the perspective of freelance writers. This iWriter review is totally impartial – I do not work for iWriter!

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From a Webmasters Perspective

I have personally been using iWriter to get content written for several of my sites for well over two years. It is a brilliant asset and greatly assists my content marketing strategy; however this wasn’t always the case.

When you first start using iWriter you might find that you get some questionable content submitted, some articles can either be poorly written i.e. lots of spelling mistakes, grammar errors and unreadable sentences or they can be blatantly spun articles taken from another websites and put through article re-writing software – this is especially the case if you submit to all writers, rather than premium or elite writers.

However this doesn’t really cause many problems, you can simply reject the article and not pay a penny no questions asked; though it does waste time. Removing this problem is easy, you can either always submit your article to ‘elite writers’, or continue using basic writers and save the writers that can write well to your favorites list.

I went for the latter, although it took more time – in the long run it worked out cheaper. I now have a favorites list of well over 80 writers and whenever I submit a project I can choose to only submit it to them; doing this greatly reduces the amount of time I have to spend rejecting articles or requesting them to be re-written.

Submitting a project on iWriter is very simple, when you click ‘Get Content’ your provided with a form which you complete with all of the options you require including keywords, article length, send to certain writers etc:

Get content with iWriter

My best tips for getting high quality articles every time from iWriter would be:

  • Submit to premium or elite writers
  • Make sure you build your favorites list, for any article you approve – add the writer to your favorites list
  • Don’t be scared to reject or request a re-write
  • If you find writers that are spamming, let support know so they can ban them – also add them to your blocked list
  • Communicate with your favorite writers and tip them, this ensures they always prioritize your articles

From a Writers Perspective

As well as getting content created for my websites, I also occasionally write articles, if I see a topic I enjoy writing about. So far I haven’t had a problem with my articles being rejected, and although I have read online some horror stories of articles always being rejected I believe this is genuinely down to poorly written content.

I guess you only see this if you are a requester, I have in my time had lots of article submissions that are so poorly written. They’ve been clearly written by an individual that doesn’t speak English well, or at least isn’t their first language. No offence to non-English speakers but this type of content isn’t good enough to go on my websites; and requesters shouldn’t have to spend half hour editing the content so it’s readable.

You can earn more from writing articles on iWriter by simply being a good writer, iWriter is built upon a tiered structure the higher up the ladder you are the more money you make per article – there are three different levels of writers:

Basic Writer

150 words: $1.01

300 words: $1.62

500 words: $2.43

700 words: $4.05

1000 words: $6.08

Premium Writer

150 words: $2.23

300 words: $3.65

500 words: $4.46

700 words: $5.79

1000 words: $8.51

Elite Writer

150 words: $3.44

300 words: $5.67

500 words: $8.10

700 words: $10.13

1000 words: $14.99

To be upgraded to an elite or premium writer you need to have written 30 articles, article requesters then grade your article using a star system and your total star count is the average of all the reviews. The requirement to become a premium writer is a minimum of 30 articles and an average star rating of at least 4. The requirement for elite writers is again a minimum of 30 articles but with a star rating of at least a 4.6.

If you are a good writer, and you can write English well then it doesn’t take to long to become premium / elite.

One of the best things about writing on iWriter is that there is always work, I have never logged in and seen no articles being requested. When you login you should click ‘Write Content’, you will see a list of writing projects. Within each project there will be multiple articles to written along with the desired keyword:

make money with iwriter

Potentially as an elite writer you can earn $100 per day writing articles if it is your full time job, a better way of looking at it is by writing just 10 500 word articles you can potentially earn $81+. If you are just doing it in the evenings you can easily earn an extra couple of hundred dollars per month; which can go a long way!

iWriter does offer a fast track service, it costs $147 and can potentially boost you to an elite writer within just one day. To qualify for this, iWriter will ask you for three articles, if they are high quality you will be promoted to an elite or premium author. If you are serious about writing for money and plan to do it over a long period of time this should end up paying for itself.

iwriter fast track

My top tips for making money writing on iWriter are:

  • Keep an eye on the requesters ‘acceptance ratio’, if it’s too low be careful as they must be very picky!
  • You need to be able to write good English if you want to make real money – so brush up on your writing skills if you need to
  • Write smaller articles when you begin e.g 150 – 400 words as it allows you to get your 30 reviews quicker (required to upgrade your account and make more money)
  • Once you are an elite writer, you tend to make money faster by writing 500 – 700 word articles, articles with more words than that can potentially have more errors and rejections
  • If you are unsure about the direction of an article, message the requester – it’s better than having it rejected!
  • Make contact with requesters, and always message them after you finish an article asking to be put on their favorites list if they like the article


iWriter, whether you are using it as a writer or publisher can potentially be a great tool. However it does need to be used properly as with any tool used in the wrong way it could lead to bad experiences. I’ve found the support team to be very good at getting back to me and quickly sorting out any problems I have – if you do have any problems, contact support!

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If you feel my iWriter review is incorrect, or you have any views on iWriter yourself – please let me know by posting in the comments!