Link building techniques you shouldn’t be doing

I was in the middle of writing a blog post about link building techniques that work, but having looked around the internet there are lots of articles that already explain how to build links.

The only problem I see is that a lot of them have ‘bulked up’ their list so it seems like they have more ideas then others, the problem is they mention doing some tactics which you really shouldn’t be doing and could be throwing you into the 70’s themed disco while doing the Google Dance, ugh platforms, flares and whats up with their hair! Or even worse these link building strategies could be throwing your site in completely the wrong direction!

So I bring to you my friends, the list of link building techniques you really shouldn’t be doing!

  1. Directory links

    Seriously whats the point? The only directory you should try to get into is DMOZ, when the Yahoo directory was around that was worth the money but now, it is very rare to find a directory that is going to give you any boost in the SERPs.

    The website directory scene has been washed away by ammeter directory owners out for a quick buck and spammers.

    Saying that though, just so I do not annoy all of you ‘good’ directory owners, I am sure there are some decent human edited un-spammed directories out there, but still your time will be much better spent link building in other ways rather then hunting around for a mediocre directory link.

  2. Forum Profiles

    Ok if your building links with forum profiles I am guessing you are either paying someone to do this for you or using SENuke or Xrumer to build them right?

    This is all very well if you’re out for a quick buck AKA a black hatter, but the results will not remain for very long. Also if you use these techniques you are almost certainly going to be affected by the Google Dance.

  3. Link Networks

    These are bad, try not to use them, chances are you will not gain any high quality links from using them.

    Though I cannot rule this one out just yet, I am currently running a test on this using the link network Voltrank, you will see their ads around my site and in return I get links, I will keep you guys updated.

  4. Buying links

    Ok surely everyone knows you shouldn’t be buying links right? Well you shouldn’t be, and if you are then you face the risk of being penalised by Google.

    However this is the safest out of all these options, the chances of actually getting caught buying links is very slim, unless you go the wrong way about it, never buy a link on a site that advertises they are selling links, you can find potential links in forums though! If you really want to buy links that is how I would do it, it’s by far the safest way.

  5. Fiverr link packages

    Don’t by links from Fiverr! They will all be spammy (unless you get a link on their homepage) but all of the others like buy 250 edu links and so on are all a waste of time and money

    Depending on how you do your link building Fiverr gigs can be good for increasing the power of your link wheels 😉

  6. Reciprocal links

    Search engines now do not put much weight on reciprocal links, the links basically counteract each other in simple terms. I would not go out of my way to gain reciprocal links, however there is nothing wrong accepting to exchange links if someone with a relevant site asks you.

  7. Don’t use software!

    This is a short one, do not use automated software like SEnuke, Xrumer, Scrapebox etc. While they may work temporarily, the results will not last forever.

Final Words

However you choose to do your link building either the black hat way or the white hat way, just remember that to have a proper online business you need your SEO efforts to stay forever not just a few weeks, the only way to achieve this is by playing by the rules!