Long Tail Keywords

OK so everyones going on about targeting the long tail keywords, because the short tail’s are getting far too competitive.

So what are all these tails? Are Google being over run by giant cats with long and short tails?

No thats stupid…

Long tail keywords are basically more specific keywords and when you get more specific you get less competitive because your targeting your niche and your niche only. Long tail keywords are also more likely to convert into a sale because the keyword is so targeted to your niche.

Heres an example of a long tail keyword:

“Big red widgets for boys only”

Compared to the more generic keyword:

“Red Widgets” Or “Widgets”

Most companies these days have blogs, but lets be honest its not so they can provide the users with loads of great content, they just want your money. They have blogs for Googles benefit, so they can target lots of long tail keywords easily.

Take ehow for example, they push out thousands of articles each month just to target the long tail less competitive keywords.

So how exactly do you target long tail keywords?

To target long tail keywords effectively you need a blog if you don’t already have one, then you just need to write some good content that has the right keyword density which is around 3% – 8%.

You also need to make sure that the keyword is in the blog post title and your permalinks are setup so the blog post title is in the URL. This method works I have tried and tested it with my last blog post ‘On Page SEO Guide’ which ranks 3rd in google.com and 2nd in google.co.uk.

Another tip is to make the content useful don’t just write any old rubbish or the user is not going to look around your site.

Thats all for now! Just a short post about long tail keywords, in the next post I’ll be talking about keyword research and how to find the good long tail phrases.