Proof That Bing is Still the Inferior Search Engine (but Google isn’t perfect)

Recently I have been using Bing, mainly because I am using IE 10 as I really like it and haven’t bothered changing the default search engine. However that all changed today.

I performed a search on Bing for ‘remove a page in Microsoft word’, all of the results were irrelevant, see below:

remove a page in microsoft word - Bing

I then performed the same search on Google and all of the results were spot on:

remove a page in microsoft word - Google Search

I would have thought, that since both products are by Microsoft they would try hard to match searches correctly. I don’t understand how Microsoft / Bing thought ‘removing a page in Microsoft word’ was anything like ‘removing Microsoft Office from your computer’.

I’ve been following and using Bing a lot recently like I mentioned before, mainly because I think Google has a monopoly in search and are trying to form a monopoly in many other areas (cloud storage, maps, mobile, music streaming etc). Another reason I’ve been trying to find a way to move away from Google is because they are beginning to wipe out some smaller websites and even taking a lot of traffic from larger websites by showing more data within the search results, for example:

The weather

London weather - Google Search

Stock prices

Microsoft share price - Google Search

General information

How old is will smith - Google Search

The list goes on. Although I admit the above does make things easier for general users, but at the same time it is killing some businesses. It’s easy for me to say things like this, but how can Google help the businesses they are affecting?

Maybe they could give websites better credit when they use their data, rather than a small link under their large information box (the links are not even blue!) – And why are the Google news listings getting priority over the website’s that Google gets its data from (the news articles are even unrelated on some searches):

Facebook share price - Google Search

When it comes down to it, there is no other search engine I would rather use, no matter how hard I try to find an alternative; the search quality of other search engines just doesn’t compare to Google’s results. Though I do wish they would stop trying to dominate, I’m not saying they shouldn’t innovate and improve their current systems, but they should give credit where it’s due and help users find other websites, especially websites that Google uses to source its data. The only website that seems to get credit for its contribution is Wikipedia… Wikipedia is loved by Google but some of the things on Wikipedia are false, and the size of the Wikipedia pages are unnecessarily long in a lot of cases. Just trying to find one fact you’re looking for on a Wikipedia page can be a challenge.

Google’s aim has always been to give users relevant results and answer user’s questions as quickly as possible (this they are achieving). However their company motto is ‘don’t be evil’, and although they might not be intentionally damaging businesses, they are and they do not give enough thought to how minor changes they make can potentially break businesses that rely on Google as a major source of sales and traffic. But does Google really care? I doubt it, will they do anything about it? Again, I doubt it.