The Big List Of SEO Tips

I though i’d start writing a long list of all the SEO tips that I can think of (at the moment) more will be added as I think of them.

  1. Remember backlinks are not everything
  2. Make sure your on page SEO is perfect before building links
  3. Have a clean URL structure
  4. Think outside of the box when building backlinks
  5. Be careful when using robots.txt
  6. Having good social media presence can now increase your rankings
  7. Do not keyword stuff your articles
  8. If your rankings drop don’t panic this happens sometimes wait a few weeks if they have not returned.. Panic
  9. No one can guarantee you a number one spot in Google
  10. Google does love content
  11. Google doesn’t currently love content more then links
  12. Pagerank is still important when looking for potential backlinks
  13. Getting organic traffic is not as easy as people make it sound
  14. Building good link bait can and will bring you in some good backlinks
  15. Keyword research is one of the most important steps in a good SEO campaign
  16. No matter how much competition there is it is still possible to achieve rankings
  17. Setup analytics and keep track of what keywords people are using to find your site
  18. Setup Webmaster tools to see what keywords you could rank for with little effort. (e.g ones you are showing on the 67th page for with no links)
  19. Try to Produce fresh content at least two times per week
  20. Don’t just concentrate on Google, Bing is starting to get some market share and they have a good set of webmaster tools too!
  21. Only use black hat techniques for sites you don’t want to have long term success with
  22. Black hat methods do work
  23. Remember to redirect the non www. version to the www. version or vice versa
  24. If using WordPress install the all in one SEO plugin
  25. Use good anchor text for internal links
  26. Don’t just build links to your homepage build deep links too
  27. Make sure you add alt tags to images
  28. If targeting a keyword also use broad phrases of that keyword in the content
  29. Try to use keywords in the title tags
  30. Try not to use too many tables
  31. Use breadcrumbs
  32. Give each page a unique meta description