The Google Dance

In 2010 when Google released the Caffeine update people thought that the Google Dance was no more.

However they were wrong the Google Dance still very much exists.

How do you know if you have been hit by the Google Dance?

If your website is constantly bouncing from page one to page 5+ and then back to page one then you have probably been hit by the famous Google Dance.

You should not get this mixed up with the Google Sandbox, the Sandbox is fairly easy to overcome and it doesn’t last long, it is very common to see Google rank a new website highly for the first few weeks but then drop it down the rankings until finally it will place it in its correct position.

The Google Dance however will keep bouncing up and down for months!

What can you do about the Google Dance?

The best way to combat the Google Dance is by not getting it in the first place, this does sound easier said then done but if you play by the rules then this should be quite simple.

From research I have done, it seems you become affected by the Google Dance only when you have a dodgy backlink profile, or if you have major duplicate content issues.

When I say dodgy backlink profile I mean you have a bunch of ‘rubbish’ links and only a couple of authority links. In the beginning it is actually better to have no links then lots of poor/spammy links e.g forum profiles, blog comments and low quality article links.

I would recommend building your site and gaining ONLY high quality links, no forum profiles, no blog comments, no rubbish article links and no free directories. Then just do this for a few months until your new site has aged and has a stable ranking in Google. Then and only then should you go on a full blown backlinking campaign.

Didn’t manage to avoid the Google Dance?

Once you have been affected by the Google Dance it is very hard to get out of it and it can take months!

The only three things you can do about it are:

  • Only build quality links
  • Check for duplicate content and make sure canonical tags are setup properly
  • Add unique content regularly
  • Personally if I was hit by the Google Dance again I would leave it alone and start on a new site, only adding new content every week or two. If you just leave it eventually it will stop Dancing, but your time will be much better spent creating a new site rather then trying to work your way out of the Google Dance.

    Have you been affected by the Google Dance? Did you manage to get out of it? Let us know in the comments!