What is a good keyword density?

Using a good keyword density in your web pages and posts is a very important factor when trying to improve your on page SEO. I have seen many of my blog posts rank only on their keyword density and on page SEO.

In this blog post I am going to show you how to properly insert your keywords into your posts and what keyword density to use.

One very important thing you must do is to not use your keyword too much in the post this is ‘keyword stuffing’ and can harm your rankings!

Your keyword density should be around 4% – 5% (less if it is a short post) you may see other people say it should be more or less, but this is what I use and it works very well for me.

To check your keyword density you can use any of these sites:


A lot of other web guys only target their main keyword in their posts, this is where you will have the upper hand.

When Google crawls a web page it not only determines what it is about but taking the most used keyword. It scans your whole post and uses all the words on your page to determine what it is about.

If you place certain keywords correctly on your page then you will have brilliant results.

The secret to amazing on page SEO is…

Use keywords that are related to your main keyword aswell!

This is very easy to do with the help of the Google Keyword Tool.

If you go to the Google Keyword Tool and type in your main keyword or phrase, then below that result you will see another section titled ‘Keyword Ideas’. You then want to go through these and select up to 4 other keywords preferably with low competition. You will then include these keywords into your post/page aswell as your main keyword, these should have a keyword density of around 1% – 2% and your main keyword should have a density of around 4% – 5%.

Do not over use your keywords and if you cannot achieve a 4% – 5% keyword density or even a 1% density with your secondary keywords then do not just stuff them in, you must make sure your content always reads well for the user.

If you follow these steps then not only will it help your main keyword ranking but also your secondary keywords.