WordPress admin running slow? Fixed…

There is nothing more frustrating then waiting for what seems like hours for your WordPress admin to load, not so much the logging in but switching pages and creating new things etc.

Mine was really bad, and really annoying I looked for a plugin to speed it up but I couldn’t find any that worked, so I started searching the net, and I found a pretty neat solution. I cannot take credit for this, I spotted it over at the HostGator forum, it involves adding some extra lines to your .htaccess file, it seems like a lot, but it works very well; the code is below:

Its hard to believe how this can speed up your admin, but trust me, it works wonders; just copy the code and paste it below whatever is already in your .htaccess file, if you don’t know where to find the .htaccess file follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your site via an FTP program, I prefer File Zilla.
  2. Navigate to your Public_HTML folder.
  3. Your .htaccess file will be in this folder, however it is a ‘hidden file’ so you may need to force File Zilla to show this; you do this by clicking ‘server’ and then clicking ‘force showing hidden files’ (see screenshot below).

If the above code throws up an error when you try to look at your site, copy it from Pastebin here. It is a common problem as sometimes copy and paste can mess with code!
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